Seashore Foraging Walks




The coast is perhaps the most exciting environment that the UK has to offer the forager. The wild food delights to be found while seashore foraging include:

  • Plants that like the seashore and can tolerate the salty conditions. There are wonderful salad leaves, vegetables, and berries.
  • Seaweeds – Widely used in Oriental cuisine and popular in parts of Ireland and western Britain, relatively few of us have knowingly eaten seaweeds or sea vegetables. Learn what to gather and how to use them.
  • Shellfish – Learn to find and safely use molluscs (cockles, mussels, clams etc.) and crustaceans (crabs, prawns, shrimps etc.).
  • Fungi – the coast is also a great place for fungi the milder conditions and less intensive agriculture give ideal hunting grounds.

This session takes the form of a three to four hour walk.  We will discuss sustainable harvesting, equipment, safety and legal aspects as we walk along the shore and try to locate a range of seasonal wild food – seaweed, plants and shellfish. There will be an opportunity to sample some food and drink made with foraged seashore ingredients.

Take a look

Watch this video of us coastal foraging including for coastal plants and seaweed.


Places on this course are £35 per person.


The maximum number of participants on this course is 18.


The times of these seashore foraging walks will vary with the tides. Some walks may not start until mid-afternoon.

Dates / locations

What we find will vary with location and luck! Both of the locations we use have some coastal plants and crustaceans. The one near Weymouth is better for seaweed, the one near Poole is better for molluscs.

03-Mar-18 (AM)Near Poole, DorsetCourse cancelled
19-May-18 (PM)Near WeymouthCourse Complete
30-Sep-18 (PM)Near WeymouthFully Booked

We also run a full day “Seaweed and Eat It!” course.