Spring Greens Courses




Spring is the time of new growth and the countryside offers a wealth of delicious free greens – be they salad leaves, wild vegetables or herbs. There are also some edible flowers, roots and a few fungi to be found. With a little know-how these can all be gathered to give salads, soups, sauces, desserts and many other dishes. They can also be ingredients in teas, beer and other alcoholic drinks. Join us on one of our Spring Green courses to learn and experience the opportunities available.


This is a full day course comprising:

  • A foraging walk for spring greens, herbs, edible flowers and spring fungi
  • An indoor session preparing, cooking and eating a three-course lunch based on our finds
  • An illustrated talk on wild foods

Lunch is suitable for vegetarians and can be adapted for vegans.

Take a look

See a blog post on one of our Spring Greens courses.


9:30 AM – c. 5:00 PM


Places on this course are £70 per person.


The maximum number of participants on this course is 12.

Dates / locations

07-Apr-18Toller Porcorum, DorsetFully booked
21-Apr-18Toller Porcorum, DorsetPlaces available - new date