Seaweed Foraging Courses




While seaweeds have been eaten in some parts of Britain for a very long time, for most people, however, seaweed is a part of Oriental cuisine such as the wrapping for sushi. Seaweed has become very popular over the last year or two with some types of British seaweed and seaweed products being sold in leading supermarkets. Being rich in iodine and other minerals they are also viewed as being a very healthy thing to eat. Seaweeds are extremely versatile and can be used in every course of a meal including desserts and cakes. Of the 600 or so species in British waters about a dozen or so are eaten. The challenge is appropriate treatment in the kitchen for each species.

Join us for a day of seaweed near Weymouth – “Seaweed and Eat It!”. We will forage for a range of seaweeds and then cook and eat a three-course meal with seaweed in every course. You will learn about the different types to harvest and how to use them in the kitchen as well as covering the law and sustainable practices.

Take a look

See a blog post on one of our Seaweed and Eat It! foraging courses or watch this video of us coastal foraging including for seaweed.


Places on this course are £70 per person.


The maximum number of participants on this course is 12.


The times of this course will vary with the tides.

Dates / locations

15-Apr-18Near WeymouthFully booked
29-Jul-18Near WeymouthPlaces available