Foraging Day Courses

Hedgerow Harvest offers a range of full day foraging courses. These  all include the preparation (and eating!) of a three course, wild food meal based on our finds. This is done indoors in a kitchen and not outdoors over a fire, meaning the recipes we use are easily transferred to your own kitchen at home. Our day foraging courses are run in Dorset and Hampshire.

Spring Greens Foraging Courses

Spring is the time of new growth and the countryside offers a wealth of delicious free wild food greens – salad leaves, wild vegetables or herbs. Other foraging opportunities are for flowers, roots and Spring fungi.
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Spring greens foraging course

Summer Foraging Courses

Summer brings varied foraging and wild food opportunities. We start on the coast in search of edible coastal plants then go crabbing, before heading inland to collect greens, flowers and summer fruit.
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Summer foraging course

Seaweed Foraging Courses

Seaweeds are very much in vogue, being served in top restaurants and sold in some supermarkets. Join us for a day of seaweeds, gathering them, then cooking a three-course meal with seaweed in every course.
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A range of edible seaweed species.

Fruit and Nut Foraging Courses

The Autumn brings a bountiful harvest to the wild food larder. Our foraging focus will be wild fruit and nuts. We will identify many edible species and learn how they can be used in soups, main courses, desserts and drinks.
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Fruit and nut course