20th March 2020


We regret that due to the outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19) and the official advice to minimise unnecessary social contact, the difficult decision has been taken to stop all our events with immediate effect until official advice allows us to re-commence. We apologise for the inconvenience this may cause but are sure you will understand the actions we have taken.


EVENTS FROM MAY ONWARD WILL BE REASSESSED – Please check back to this page and your event listing from time to time, as this is where I will publish the latest information based on official Coronavirus advice. You will also be emailed you if you have booked to attend an event.

If you were due to attend an event that is postponed, you may join us for other events to the same value through this year or next Spring. Please contact us to make bookings, we will do our best to accommodate you and may add additional dates if required. You can, of course, request a refund for any cancelled event, but I would very much appreciate it if you would rebook. I am self-employed and foraging courses make a significant part of income.  I am doing the responsible thing and reducing social contact and would greatly appreciate your support and patience. I also realise that this will be a time of increased hardship for many people, and will do my best to accommodate everyone’s preferences.


Research shows that time spent in nature is beneficial for mental and physical health, and current government advice on coronavirus is that people without symptoms or health vulnerabilities can go for a walk outdoors if they stay the recommended two metres away from others (Source: Guidance on social distancing for everyone in the UK and protecting older people and vulnerable adults).  Even if you and your family are in self-isolation, current NHS guidance allows you to spend time outdoors – "You can use your garden, if you have one. You can also leave the house to exercise – but stay at least 2 metres away from other people".

Why forage now?

  • Foraging is a great activity for children - exercise and learning, both the outdoor, gathering part and then subsequent cooking and eating.
  • Make your food go further
  • Reduce your need for supermarkets where you will be close to lots of other people
  • Exercise / fresh air / relaxation
  • Some wild foods are specifically good at boosting your immune system
  • A diverse diet is good for you
  • Many wild food are very nutritious, helping boost your immune system

Below are some, hopefully, useful links - our favourite foraging books and some suggestions and recipes. Do pay particular attention to any information on ID / look-a-likes. The number one rule of foraging is "IF in doubt, leave it out". Remarkably people have made mistakes with plants as "obvious" as Wild Garlic! We are happy to answer your questions by email or Facebook.

Stay safe.

Hedgerow Harvest



Below are our pick of foraging books. Links are provided for on-line ordering but please consider supporting support your local bookshop too.

From our Blog


Wild Garlic Pesto and Tomato Pasta Bake
Wild Garlic Pesto and Tomato Pasta Bake


Nettle Soup
Nettle Soup


Wild Garlic Bread Pizzas
Wild Garlic Bread Pizzas