Seashore Foraging and Seaweed Books

While some general foraging books include these topics, they can be fairly limited in the depth that they go into. If you want to go into more detail this list of seashore foraging and seaweed books is for you.

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Edible Seashore – John Wright

For the forager, the seashore holds surprising culinary potential. Before introducing us to the various species to be harvested, John Wright covers practicalities such as conservation and the ethics of foraging; safety from tides, rocks and food poisoning; the law and access to the shore, our right to fish, landing sizes and seasons; and equipment. The book covers all the main British seashore species that one might be tempted to eat. The conservation status, taste and texture, availability, seasonality, habitat, collecting technique and biology of each species is covered. The species covered include crustacea, molluscs, plants and seaweed. Finally, there are thirty brilliant recipes.

The Seaweed Cookbook – Xa Milne

Offering both nutritional information and delicious recipes, The Seaweed Cookbook is the perfect guide for anyone tempted by this increasingly popular ingredient, The original super food, seaweed offers the broadest range of minerals of any food on the planted and endless health benefits. An excellent source of vitamin C, protein and iron, seaweed also tastes delicious and is a brilliant flavour enhancer. From Spicy Pork Balls with Kombu to Mussel, Pea and Seaweed Broth, and Lean, Green Seaweed Tonic to Dulse and Banana Ice Cream Xa offers simple, seaweed-inspired recipes for all occasions.

  • Contains over 90 recipes and expert guidance on how to add seaweed into your daily diet.
  • Recipe contributors include Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall.
  • Sales of seaweed have "soared by 125 percent after Jamie Oliver claimed it helped him lose weight " - The Telegraph.

The Sea Garden – a Guide to Seaweed Cookery and Foraging


The Sea Garden is a pocketbook designed for seaweed foragers, "newby" and experienced. It describes the Top Ten edible seaweeds on the Irish coast in detail, with images and drawings of each one to help identify it correctly, recipes and cookery tips for each and information on health benefits and gardening uses.

There is a section on rocky shore ecology and some interesting anecdotes about seaweed as part of the food heritage of the Waterford coast.

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Seaweed in the Kitchen – Fiona Bird

Although seaweed is now all the rage, because we have been reading about and eating Japanese food, it has long been an important ingredient in Britain too, even if many of us don't recognize it as such. Just think of laverbread. Seaweed suppliers are becoming easier to find, but if you need some really quickly, a walk on your local beach will deliver the goods just as well. Fi Bird is nothing if not enthusiastic. She lives in the Hebrides and has written her own guide to foraging. In addition she is super-keen on teaching children to cook. This, her second book, combines these three elements: the Hebrides because seaweed runs amok there; foraging, because she lives in the midst of a natural larder; teaching, because she has written a fine set of intelligent and properly tested recipes. he book has four strands:

  • an account of seaweed species that flourish here
  • a discussion of our use of seaweed over time, and in regional cookery
  • an assessment of the physical properties of seaweed and how they might contribute to a healthful diet
  • a set of recipes.

These last are not merely for boiling up dulse, or steaming kelp, but offer imaginative solutions to incorporating seaweed into our daily fare: Shony breadsticks, gammon poached and roasted in sugar kelp, sea aster pesto, dried seaweed biscuits, seaweed seasoning powder, water biscuits with rock samphire, bladderwrack and oatmeal stuffing for chicken, and many more.


These excellent value, fold-out identification charts are produced by The Field Studies Council. They are waterproof and are great for adults, parents, teachers and children to use outdoors. If you would like to buy any of the below, click on the cover photo or order button and you will be taken to the publisher's website where you can see the current price and place your order.

Field Studies Council - Seaweed Identification Chart

Common seaweeds – Field Studies Council

Seaweeds are usually easily recognisable. This 8-panel laminated fold-out chart will help with seaweed identification for 36 common species found on the shores around the British Isles.

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