Winter Wonders

Velvet Shank (on a Beech stump)

Yes, it’s still winter but there are signs of things to come and a good few things for the forager to look out for at the moment, some for now, some for the future. Velvet Shank I’ve seen quite a few of these fungi this winter. Found on dead Elm, Gorse, Beech and other trees …

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Avoiding Mushroom Poisoning

Fairy Ring Champignon (edible) and Fool's Funnel (poisonous)

Mushroom poisoning can be life-threatening. If someone has eaten a poisonous mushroom (or plant), don’t try to treat them yourself – seek medical help immediately. If someone has accidentally consumed poisonous mushroom, please see this information at the end of the blog post. Disclaimer. I do not have a medical background so this blog post …

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Mushroom Identification

Slug nibbled Fly Agaric

The below great quote on mushroom identification is saying that there is no easy way of telling poisonous from edible species. “A toadstool has a cap and a stem and you can’t eat it; a mushroom has a cap and a stem and you can”. If you want to pick and eat wild mushrooms, the …

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