We offer talks related to all aspects of foraging and wild food (including truffle hunting) to community groups and food festivals.  We have been a speaker for a range of organisations including:

  • Friends of a country park
  • Food festivals
  • Women's Institute (WI) branches / groups
  • Gardening clubs
  • Young Farmers
  • Wildlife Trusts

Our talks can be fully illustrated and we can provide all the necessary equipment. We have been featured on Radio 4 several times including Gardener's Question Time and The Food Programme.

The below is our list of "off-the-shelf" talks, though we have a large photographic library and can adjust these or create new ones if required.

Food for free: Foraging for wild foodAn illustrated talk on foraging and finding wild foods. After an introduction which includes why we should forage, safety, sustainability and the law, we take a tour through the seasons via a detour to the coast, to look at the wild food that can found and what can be made with it.Illustrated with computer slides.
The Magic of MushroomsThere is far more to fungi than just eating some of them. If you think you know the largest, the oldest living or fastest organisms on the planet, you might be in for a surprise! Their current and future potential uses are stunning. The talk gives a look into the fascinating fungi kingdom - thrilling, magical, remarkable, and exquisite.Illustrated with computer slides.
English Truffles - To be sniffed at!Yes, truffles can be found in England and no, I don’t use a pig! These are the two usual questions I get asked. The talk will cover truffle biology, history and species as well as discussing finding, growing and eating them.Illustrated with computer slides.
Tales of a Truffle HunterStories and anecdotes from the life and times of a modern day truffle hunter.After dinner talk (without slides)

Please contact us for more details, providing the date, location, expected size of audience, required duration etc.

Seashore / coastal foraging courses - Sea Buckthorn
Sea Buckthorn


Seashore foraging courses - Wild Cabbage
Wild Cabbage

Mushroom / fungi foraging courses - Bay Bolete - a tasty edible wild mushroom
Bay Bolete - a tasty edible wild mushroom