Seashore Foraging Walks

The coast is perhaps the most exciting environment that the UK has to offer the forager. The wild food delights awaiting the seaside forager include:

  • Plants that like the seashore and can tolerate the salty conditions. There are wonderful salad leaves, vegetables, and berries.
  • Seaweeds - Widely used in Oriental cuisine and popular in parts of Ireland and western Britain, relatively few of us have knowingly eaten seaweeds or sea vegetables. Learn what to gather and how to use them.
  • Shellfish - Learn to find and safely use molluscs (cockles, mussels, clams etc.) and crustaceans (crabs, prawns, shrimps etc.).
  • Fungi - the coast is also a great place for fungi the milder conditions and less intensive agriculture give ideal hunting grounds.

This session takes the form of a three to four hour walk.  We will discuss sustainable harvesting, equipment, safety and legal aspects as we walk along the shore and try to locate a range of seasonal wild food - seaweed, plants and shellfish. There will be an opportunity to sample some food and drink made with foraged seashore ingredients.


Places on this course are £30 per person.


The maximum number of participants on this course is 18.


The times of these courses will vary with the tides. Some walks may not start until mid-afternoon.

Dates / locations

What we find will vary with location and luck! Both of the locations we use have some coastal plants and crustaceans. The one near Weymouth is better for seaweed, the one near Poole is better for molluscs.

29-Apr-17Near Weymouth, DorsetCourse Complete
27-May-17Near Poole, DorsetCourse Complete
23-Sep-17Near Weymouth, DorsetPlaces available

We also run a full day "Seaweed and Eat It!" course and a "Coastal Plants" walk.

Bespoke option

The seashore foraging walk is available as a bespoke foraging course for your family or other group; read more here.


Razor Clams may be found on our seashore foraging walk near Poole.
Razor Clams may be found on our seashore foraging walk near Poole.
Rock Samphire on a seashore foraging walk
Rock Samphire
Seashore forging courses - Mixed seaweed
Edible species of seaweed


The most fun I’ve had in years!

The most fun I’ve had in years! Think I’ve found a new obsession!

Karen, Dorset

…extremely interesting and enjoyable…

Thanks for an extremely interesting and enjoyable afternoon yesterday, both Kate and I thoroughly enjoyed it. We are also booked on to one of your fungus walks in October and we are very much looking forward to it.

Alan and Kate, Hampshire

Very useful and informative …

I had had a lovely time on Saturday thank you. Very useful and informative.

John, Hampshire

… fab day …

Thanks for a fab day, we really enjoyed it,

Karen and Leys, Wiltshire

A really comprehensive introduction

A really comprehensive introduction. James is an enthusiastic and articulate naturalist with a wide knowledge and an easy manner.

Harry and Rox, Hampshire

… very knowledgeable …

It was a great birthday gift for my husband who is really interested in learning more about foraging. James was very knowledgeable about all sorts of different aspects of plant and food foraging and the afternoon we spent on the beach was well worth the money. Loads of fresh air and good fun too. What more could you ask for as a birthday treat?

Leigh and Paul, Dorset

… really informative enjoyable afternoon …

Thank you for a really informative enjoyable afternoon James. I look forward to booking another course this year.

Debs, Dorset

I loved it all !!!

Learnt loads, also liked the other aspects you covered on safety. Oli particularly loved catching razor clams and I loved it all !! will see the seashore in a whole new way. We are already spotting some of the things we were shown on the course in places near us. Also the soup at the end was 10/10

Amber and Ollie, Wiltshire

… a really amazing foraging afternoon …

I want to thank you for a really amazing foraging afternoon on Saturday. What fun, I learned so much, you made it all so interesting.

The highlight for me was finding Razor clams, I can’t wait to take my grandchildren, 3 boys, hunting.

And finally the heart-warming soup…so welcome..and delicious.

Pat, Dorset

You have opened my eyes …

Thank you so much for our really interesting afternoon with you on the seashore. You have opened my eyes and mind to new knowledge and it is rather shocking that at my age I am so ignorant as to the foraging possibilities.

Anne, Dorset

… a great learning experience …

Thanks for a great learning experience and I look forward to joining you again.

Richard, Kent

My friends are really jealous …

Thank you again for the opportunity of experiencing this with the events you organise. My friends are really jealous of my weekend away at the coast !

Maggie, Wiltshire

… very informative and fun …

Thank you for a very informative and fun morning last Sunday. I thoroughly enjoyed it and the food you gave us was delicious and inspiring.

Kristina, Somerset

… enjoyed every minute …

Thanks James for the seaweed foraging experience today, enjoyed every minute, great place on a sunny day with a great group of people, some serious seaweed airing going down tomorrow, in fact bit of a seaweed fest tomorrow, going for the sea lettuce, peppery dulse with scrambled eggs and smoked salmon for a decadent brekkie, crispy seaweed for lunch some seaweed crisps to snack on in between and you must give me that miso soup recipe we tried today, thanks again!

Mark, Dorset

… a fantastic afternoon…

We had such a fantastic afternoon and can’t wait to book on to another course.

Katie and Hugh, Dorset

an informing and entertaining afternoon … recommend the experience

Thank you so much for an informing and entertaining afternoon. We really enjoyed it and we will certainly recommend the experience.

Nick & Stef, Hampshire

… brilliant afternoon … and learnt so much

We all had a brilliant afternoon with you and learnt so much. Thank you so much! How lucky we were with the weather too. On Sunday we made sea beet soup for lunch and played around making seaweed crisps too – great fun! I really love the sea beet and hope to find some more of it.

Many thanks again for a great afternoon. Wishing you every continued success with your business.

Alice, Sussex

Great fun… brilliant… fun

Jane and I thoroughly enjoyed Saturday, it was great fun and in particular the razor clamming
was just brilliant! I will be in touch regarding mushroom hunting in the Autumn. Thanks again, it really was fun and I always enjoy meeting all sorts of people, especially when they laugh!

Rosie, Wiltshire

…another great course…I would highly recommend to others

Thank you for another great course James! Really good fun and very informational. I would highly recommend to others. We took the razor clams home we collected during the course and ate them shortly after – very tasty. We will be heading back to the beach now we know how to collect them!

Katherine, Dorset

Fantastic walk… tasty…really enjoyed

Thank you James for a fantastic walk yesterday for Sarah’s Hen weekend. It was great to find so many edible plants that we usually just walk past without knowing how delicious they can be. The menu you prepared was really tasty and I think I’ll definitely be on the look out with my scissors on my next coastal walk! We really enjoyed the morning.

Sue, Surrey